Since 1989

Company profile

BZ PLAST was founded in 1989 as an outsourced contractor in the plastic moulding industry. Today we are able to meet the most demanding application requirements in this sector.
We are able to manufacture articles using technical and state-of-the-art materials.

We operate in widely diversified fields of application: the automotive sector, water purification, furniture, automation, electronics, medical, heating and others.

Since 1989 BZ PLAST has been providing 360-degree services to its customers, that ranges from the design of the part to the construction of the mould, the actual moulding phase and subsequent screen printing, pad printing, chrome plating, ultrasonic welding and various assembly phases.

Our ongoing collaboration with the customer, who is involved in every phase of the process, means we are able to supply a quality product, which fully meets the initial requests along with prompt and timely deliveries.