Company Profile

Commitment to the Environment

We have engaged in and embraced a policy based on our commitment to protecting the environment

  • building a photovoltaic system to produce and consume our own electricity;
  • adding electric or hybrid presses to our fleet of machines which are able to accomplish faster and more precise cycles with substantial energy savings. Moreover, the quantity of lubricating oil used on this type of press is far lower than that used on a traditional press; this means that, during each oil change, we dispose of less hazardous waste;
  • we also installed an automated cooling circuit for the presses, replacing the conventional refrigerators, which during the winter period uses low temperature outdoor air to achieve remarkable energy savings.

This enables us to maintain our global perspective of sustainable development.

Where feasible, we continue to be oriented towards choosing solutions with a lower environmental impact that boosts efficiency, ensuring preference is given to the use of renewable sources that reduce emissions.