Company profile

History and Mission

Our business consists in the moulding of plastic materials as an outsourced subcontractor, and was established as a collective partnership enterprise in 1989. To adapt to changes in corporate demands and the growth of the organisational structure, in 2009 it was transformed into the current limited liability company.

Remigio Bisognin, partner and Director of BZ PLAST however, began his experience in the plastic moulding sector at an earlier data in respect of the establishment of this company. In fact, he had already begun operating in this sector in 1976 alongside his two brothers. Since 2010 the company has been managed by Remigio Bisognin in his capacity as sole administrator.

Mr. Bisognin Remigio’s son Stefano joined the company in 2008, boasting previous experience in the mould construction sector, to work alongside his father in the production department. Stefano Bisognin is currently in charge of production department management.

In 2017, his daughter Federica also joined the company, having fifteen years of experience working for a Chartered Accountants firm.

The experience gained over the years has enabled us to collaborate with renowned firms on the domestic and international markets, collaborations that have led to ongoing lasting business relationships.

Our goal is to act as a reliable reference point for enterprises seeking a trustworthy partner for the production of plastic technical articles.

We pursue our mission with ultimate customer support services throughout all product development phases, with continuous technological updating and research on the use of new alternative high-performance materials.