Design and Engineering of Moulds

A customer who wants to produce a new article in a plastic material, but does not have the required mould, can assign us the task of designing and producing it with our trustworthy mould manufacturers, where all they have to do is supply the technical specifications and drawings of the same.

It will then be our duty to manage the interfacing with the mould manufacturer.

We shall monitor all the mould manufacturing phases supporting the mould manufacturer with our know-how and experience.

We collaborate with leading companies in the sector, and are hence able to create 3D printed prototypes to enable the customer to view the article in advance and make any corrections or improvements to the design of the mould being created.

We are also able to perform small modifications or maintenance to the moulds in-house, leading to considerable savings in terms of time and costs.

In the case of more substantial modifications or maintenance, we outsource the work, on behalf of the customer, to trustworthy independent firms specialised in the construction/maintenance of moulds.